Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tiny Daggers - INXS

Lyric:- No need for sweet revenge - Farriss & Hutchence

Song Choice:- This is taken from the excellent 'Kick' Album which I totally played to death back in 1987 and a very apt choice for my blog today that follows on from yesterday's 'Domino' theme.

You see the thing is that apart from never being able to line up all of our Dominoes, we waste a huge amount of our time, energy and thoughts on seeking revenge from those who stab us with their 'Tiny Daggers'.

And it's these 'Daggers' that become super-corrosive voodoo and distract our thoughts away from the more important bigger picture that really needs our concentration. However becoming a 'Big Picture Person' isn't as easy as it might be and a good way of taking a giant leap towards 'Big Pictureness' is to think what someone you respect might do in that situation and then act like them. What would Sir Ranulph do, perhaps?

I've learned to walk away from things and ignore others and move-on. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't suffer fools and I expect folk to give me the 100% that I give them BUT I've backed down and moved on a lot recently and it's extremely liberating and it's freed my mind for the things that really matter.

What's eating you up and corroding your thoughts? 
Do you need to let go?
Who else are you kidding apart from yourself?

I'd love to know.

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