Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Last Domino - Genesis

Lyric:- 'Play the game of happiness' - Banks, Collins & Rutherford

Song Choice:- 'Probably their best track post Gabriel and an amazing live show performance in 1992 at Earls Court is well worth a watch. Phil Collins vocals are totally spot on and the show is exceedingly high-tech considering it's now well over 20 years old. Certainly one I wished I'd gone and seen...what a missed opportunity.

Things didn't line up back then for me but then again life isn't the simple line of dominoes that Collins sings of. A+B+C+D+E doesn't equal Happiness (it makes ABCDE of course, ha ha), but no it's a virtually impossible sequence to get right and pan out perfectly. It's something that we all try and do and wait and wait to get the sequence started instead of getting on with what we can at any one time.

Am I making sense...let me put it another way. I believe that people procrastinate for weeks. months, years and even decades waiting for the right time to start their domino sequence of whatever it is that's f*cking them up. Their A+B+C+D+E... or in fact their 'Life Lottery'.

I've done it myself far too many times esoecially in my Selling Days and really it's only a way of making excuses of not doing something in case we fail and in the case of sales, that's most of the time. It's not surprising that we have a good chunk of comfort factor at heart to stop the hurty pains of life.

The trouble is we spend too much time setting up all of our Dominoes...So instead of wasting time, get some of your's on the table and you'll find it really improves your game no end.

BTW Which one are you? I'm a Double Sixer of course!!!

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