Sunday, 22 May 2016

Disappear - INXS

Lyric:- 'All the problems, all the fears, and the world seems to disappear' - Hutchence

Song Choice:- I was lucky enough to see INXS, on their Summer XS Tour, on July 13th, 1991. A wonderful day long concert at the Old Wembley Stadium, with many of my favourite bands also on the bill. The day being topped off with a brilliant performance from the Aussie Rockers, with an amazing performance by the late, great, Michael Hutchence.

I remember the sound quality was just amazing...and you can see the song for yourself here.

Anyway, it's the 'Disappear' lyric that's so important today as eight days of my life have simply disappeared. Or they seem to have. You see I was recounting my now 'off-the-cuff' 'Fitness to Guillain-Barre Syndrome' or 'Fitness2GBSness' (as I now call it) journey earlier today using a nine day time line of tense melodrama that will in due course be made into a Hollywood Blockbuster Sports Movie, like Chariots of Fire or Without Limits. You know the kinda film where triumph over adversity wins and you leaves you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Dream on eh?

Well, the only thing with my film's plot is that I've gone and lost it. As it was pointed out to me that I've been in hospital for 17 days now, not nine. So I'm wondering just what happened to the other eight. Now I know the days blur and I'm blurry but it came as a bit of a shock to think I've already been up against GBS for nearly three weeks now!

A killer 17 days too but I truly believe I'm going out of the other end of the darkest ever tunnel and this week I should see a new direction out of  the tiny improvements I'm making every day now. Being able to lift my foot, just a couple more millimetre's off the ground or being able to move around the ward a little less supported feels like quantum leaps. The rest from feeling knackerered afterwards whizzing the hours past, which I'm not noticing.

Has that ever happened to you? It's kinda weird and I'll hopefully have a better grab on my time-line things by the end of the month. All I know is that I have a heavy day of physic ahead of me tomorrow that will take me one step nearer walking freely. My first major goal and no doubt lose me a couple more days.

More tomorrow...whenever that is!

Rory Coleman - Performance Coach 
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  1. Rory, started to read you post clicked on the link to the insx video and now 40 mins later just getting to the end of the post. Saw inxs in that tour in the point and consider it to be one of the greatest I've ever been to. Oh, and your post was REALLY good too!