Monday, 2 May 2016

New Religion - Duran Duran

Lyric:- 'I get along fine with these friends of mine, but you have to make a choice' - Le Bon

Song Choice:- It's a great Duran Duran track and the 'New Religion' title fits in nicely with my recent blog themes of taking a new life direction and starting to follow new dreams and aspirations.

For some, following a regimented trading programme, feels like being part of a 'New Religion'. Some new 'Rules' to live by never hurts anyone IMO,  and I see an overwhelming calmness come over people. Even better than that, the further they go into the training, that's where the when the training investment really starts pay off and it's the part of my job I love the most and it's a part of my life that I'm very proud of.

I think there's a lot of mileage in this 'Fitness Ministry of Mine' and the 'New Religion' that it's creating for the people I coach. Exercise should play a vital part in everyone's daily routine and looking at the present day global stats on obesity and heart disease, let's hope that the extremely frightening projected ones for 2020 somehow don't ever get a chance  to materialise. 

Running and Running well is about how it makes you feel. It's a very simple thing to do too. Running long distances has a place in our society and therapeutically could relate

You never know and how religious are you about your running?


Rory Coleman - 976 Marathons - 241 Ultras
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