Thursday, 5 May 2016

Life of Riley - The Lightning Seeds

Lyric:- 'I don't mind, I get the feeling you'll be fine, I still believe that in this World, we've got to find the time for the Life of Riley - 'Brodie'.

Song Choice:- Well, The Lightning Seeds have cropped up a couple of times this week on my MP4 player, which isn't' bad coming from a band that time seems simply to have forgotten. Don't get me wrong I've forgotten then them too; yet, on hearing them once again the track quickly re-lit my 'Lightning Seeds Fire' and here I am writing about 'The Life of Riley' and what it means.

Here's the Wiki definition, for starters:- 

The Life of Riley
1. A carefree, comfortable, and thoroughly enjoyable way of living. 

Sounds good doesn't it? Which we all do to one degree or another. Yet we waste a lot of time taking the longest possible route to t's success often using the very long A to Z route rather than the quicker and much easier A to B option.

Why is that? As we make things so bloody hard sometimes...

Maybe it goes back to our education processes, beaten into us as teenagers, where in maths a simple equation needed the working out shown alongside the answer and with your history homework, you had to list the books you'd copied slabs of text from. That all seemed bonkers to me and that part of Grammar School Education sadly passed me by. 

Hopefully for my fellow classmates whom did manage to QED and deliver their history references are now 'Living Riley's Life', but I bet they're not as success isn't made from showing a few sums and listing a few books at the end of an essay.

Success comes from 'Pure Hard Work', Opportunism, Self-Belief and Overcoming the Hard Knocks that Life brings folk on a regular daily basis. 

Conquering that Everest and the Riley-Life is all yours...

A Carefree, comfortable, and thoroughly enjoyable way of living...and a Noun; what could be better eh?


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