Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Invisible Sun - The Police

Lyric:- 'There has to be an Invisible Sun. It gives its heat to everyone. There has to be an invisible sun. That gives us hope when the whole day's done - Sumner

Song Choice:- I'm really enjoying listening to The Police at the moment. And I'll admit to not being the biggest Sting fan but the tunes were good and particularly brilliant when played live, as I just love the drumming of Stewart Copeland. His distinctive sound centres on a hard, high-pitched crack on a snare or rimshot, and subtle hi-hat work with understated flourishes (Thanks Wiki). It must be something to do with him being left-handed but this video of Synchronicity2 highlights it perfectly, as well as the band's brilliant stage presence and live sound quality.

Anyway, I thought I'd share where I am two weeks post diagnosis of 'Guillain-Barre Syndrome' (to be honest, it's taken me that long to learn how to spell the bloody thing, and I've been on a lot of medication) or GBS as it's better known. Now if you go to Wiki here you can find out just how much it completely buggers up your body in a very short period of time, and how many complications there are to try and draw some kind of diagnosis from. Working out which variation you might have is the issue.

It's actually, easier as nailing jelly to a wall I reckon and my Neurology team are being well stretched by the GBS and by me if I'm being honest as it causes pain that,would make most folk want to curl up and die. It's a real challenge to say the least.

But just when you think t's all doom and gloom, there's been hope today as I walked for the first time without a 'Zimmer-Frame' - just supported by C4 Ward Physios' Kate and Chelsea on my first few maiden 'Solo' steps. And yes, they weren't brilliant, they were just AMAZING, I felt so tall, wobbly and overwhelmed all at the same time.

How about that?

How long it takes for me to do this unaided, God only knows. All I know is that I'm starting to find some 'Invisible Sun' giving me some hope when the whole day felt it was passing me by.

Tonight, I'm very sore, very tired and very relieved that I'm on my way back to some form of 'Walking' or 'Jogging' in the future and that’s a good enough return for me, from today.

More tomorrow...Diolch!

Rory Coleman - Performance Coach 
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  1. Hi Rory - that is such an improvement to walk without a zimmer. Little by little - it's frustratingly slow but each day you can tick off little achievements. You are such an over comer and driven by an amazing will power that we are sure this will help in your recovery. Go man go!! Blessings and love Ed and Gill

  2. Good to see progress mucka. Great news.

  3. Thats great news, one step at a time Rory