Sunday, 29 May 2016

Stronger - Delirious?

Lyric:- We're getting stronger every day. Push through the waves that fall our way. Hallelujah, here we come. We're much stronger when we're one. Hallelujah, here we come. Oh, I love You from the depths of my heart and nothing here will tear us apart'. Babbs, Smith, Sucof, Holmes & Jackson

Song Choice:- A great track from Christian rock band and now sadly disbanded Delirious? it all sounds far too easy doesn't it? Trauma happens, then as each day passes, miraculously everything get fixed and before you know it, you are back to full fitness where you had once been and taken for granted.

If it were only that easy. Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' wouldn't have seen the light of day and I wouldn't be feeling as guilty as I do right now. It feels far too easy to buy the quick fix that gets you back to your old self. Only, it's just not like that. You see in my ward, there's a young man half my age (27) whom has hd eight weeks of suffering with the same Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) He's suffered, been vented and he's still only able only to move his fingers and toes so far in his recovery. He's not even as well as I was when I fell ill with GBS earlier this month. I've sobbed for him today, as it's just not bloody fair. Fair on him, fair on other's worse off than him (yes there are lots0 and fair on me.

It's a complete mind-bomb for all of us. How he's coping, well I just can't comprehend. He has months and months, if not years to get back to somewhere near normality. It makes you feel really helpless and useless all rolled into one.

I was going to write a cosy blog showing me walking around the lake bigging up my progress but that feels like rubbing the salt, if I'm being honest.

Instead, if you have some quiet time, spare a thought for Sam Booker as he needs all the help he can get along with all the other Sam Booker's around the UK whom are being destroyed before they get a a chance to make their mark on this world of ours from a disease no-ones ever heard of.

It makes your heart bleed I can tell you.Let's hope we are in fact getting stronger everyday'.

More tomorrow

Rory Coleman

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  1. A very inspiring blog today Rory. Next time I have some piffling little injury which stops me running for a day or three I'll try to remember your wise words and feel both compassion for those who really have something to complain about and thankful for my own health. Martin and I have been following your journey through GBS and hoping that you make a full and speedy recovery. Best wishes x