Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Synchronicity - The Police

Lyrics:- 'A connecting principle, linked to the invisible' - Sumner

Song Choice:- Back in 1983 no-one really knew what 'Synchronicity' was and thirty-four years later on, I'm not sure we still do. The long and the short it is that there is a simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. It's a kinda deep philosophy that I could read about in depth...but without having the reading gene, on the surface, I get it.

In my experience and good things start to happen when you can make at least one major change in your life. Even better, make a couple and a 'Domino Effect' starts to happen and that's what I hope is starting to happen in your life as we get to the end of January. 

Why? Well that's 'Synchronicity' for you. Or have you just upped your game and cut out some of life's shitty bits and replaced them with better 'Brain Nutrition'. It's amazing how a bright outlook brings on a brighter future.

I think that 'Positivity' breeds 'Synchronicity' and as we go into February how about resetting the vibes you send out to those around you and see what comes back your way.

You never know if you as act as you think, you'll find that missing link... well that's what Sting says!

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