Friday, 8 February 2013

Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant

I went to London yesterday and met the lovely people at Profeet. It was a really refreshing meeting too as their thoughts on what to put on your feet agree with mine. The technology they showed me, (second to none) and their openness to my needs as a muiltiday marathon runner was spot on.

You see for many years now I have been asking shoe manufacturers to stop making trainer insoles with curved edges around the heel cup as they cause two major areas for blisters on the inside and the back of the heel. I've seen it time and time again at the Marathon des Sables as it's the first major occasion that people have walked with damp feet for along time over a long distance. The painful tell-tale velociraptor walk around the camp afterwards can be avoided so easily I believe.

Hence the insole in the picture and the research that I am about to undertake using my Brooks Adrenaline GTS UK Size 11.5 with the Profeet ULTRA Insole MK1 Prototype. It already looks a winner to me but I will bash in a few miles today on it and report back. If they work it will be a major help to anyone doing the MdS and Profeet can cut them to fit your shoes exactly, as they did for me.

More later...


  1. Are these nuetral insoles? Or can they provide special ones for over pronators?

  2. Traveled from Lancashire (on my horse & cart) to visit them and they are a excellent company, didn't try to sell me anything I don't need. Regarding insoles sticking with the standard inov8 thin one and made a 2nd insert out of a rubber impact absorbing material(2mm THK approx)to go under the manufacturer insole. Worked a treat on all my runs so far. Profeet looked at them and just said perfect, not to sure if they were thinking "well he's from Lancashire, they're a different breed", but they work well and comfy on hard terrain.

  3. They work especially well for OVER-pronators... give 'em a try!