Saturday, 23 February 2013

Move any mountain - The Shamen

Certainly moved some on the mountains of sand in Merthyr Mawr today with MdS#13 Runner Kate Heffer on one of my MdS Training days in Wales. The sand really drives home just what's in store for those taking on the Sahara, especially when it comes to climbing 'The Big Dipper' and it's 100 ft wall of sand.

We RAN up it three times, after a three mile warm up in the sand dunes that run from Candelston Castle down to the sea.

It felt great to be going hard up The Dipper, especially as a few months ago it was more of a mountain to climb back then.

Let's hope it continues to get easier the more I go and run there with clients. If you haven't been there yet and you are running in Morocco in the near future, I suggest you do...

More tomorrow.

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