Thursday, 2 May 2013

Steam - Peter Gabriel

'Give me steam and how you feel to make it real' - Peter Gabriel

It's hard to get the steam building up in your bodies boiler sometimes as it's all to easy to constantly be tapping into any reserves you can build up... when you run a LOT, recovery always makes you feel like you constantly have one of your valves open.

I'm trying hard today not to go and bash in a few miles today as I'm trying to build up a head of steam for Sunday's Neolithic Marathon from Avebury to Stonehenge. (I was last there in 1998 and clocked 3:46) Thirteen years on I'm not expecting miracles but just a good consistent first marathon after last month's Marathon des Sables.

That's what I am telling myself and hopefully the last couple of weeks of training as well as the hill session I did with MdS#14 runner, Nathan Williams, I did yesterday will start paying off.

More tomorrow... 'Give me Steam!'...

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