Thursday, 9 May 2013

Close to the Edge - Yes

Seasons will pass you by - I get UP I get DOWN

It's all been about the legs for the past couple of days I can tell you as from going from no Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) on Sunday, I went to walking like Frankenstein's Monster for most of Monday and Tuesday. It was only an MdS Marathon Training Day, yesterday that got my legs turning over again properly and walking downstairs without that debilitating quad pain that makes it look like you've messed your pants.

I'm not sure the best answer was running another steady 26.2 miles BUT it did the trick and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with MdS#14 hopeful Colin Harper...(this man knows EVERYTHING about GPS btw) and we both enjoyed all the possible weather conditions Cardiff could throw at us during our run out.

The only problem I have encountered from these runs is that some of the skin on my feet is staring to shed and is it's proving a little painful around the toes right now, especially when they get wet. I believe it's a bi-product of the MdS and although the skin didn't blister, it gets damaged and worn out but needs 30 days to be jettisoned by fresh skin underneath which is fresh and more sensitive.

Well that's where my thinking is right now and I'm going to have to moisturise them to help speed up this process - has anyone else had this?

More tomorrow...

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