Saturday, 4 May 2013

Imagination - Belouis Some

'Imagination could make a man of you' - Belouis Some

It's all in the mind, this running lark you know and if you can only imagine yourself running well and fast it can help no-end with your performances (only 8 seconds outside my parkrun PB now). 

This follows a couple of weeks of speed and interval training, and it's starting to happen for me at last and I'm now really looking forward to tomorrow's Neolithic Marathon; which I last ran in 1998 when I'm sure the race was in black and white!

We'll see if the training pays off and I'll be humming 'Stonehenge', (by the almighty Spinal Tap), all the way.

More then...

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  1. Was with you till mile 9 or 10 and that first long uphill drag that went through the trees. I reckon I finished in 4:40(ish) - I stupidly forgot to look at my watch as I crossed the line. I probably beat you in the sunburn stakes, though!