Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wishing Well - Black Sabbath

'Time is a never ending journey' - Ronnie James Dio

I've had to give it time this week too as plainly I'm knackered still after the Neolithic Marathon of last weekend. I was going to go to the Rhonnda Rollercoaster Marathon today, but with the thought of the course profile (very hilly) combined with torrential rain at 6am this morning gave me no option of turning over and sinking into a deep and extended sleep in the warmth of my bed in Caerdydd.

I didn't stir much when Jenny went to Park Run (it was still tipping it down then) and I only came round when she returned just before 10am.

I really did need that rest and am taking it easy this weekend before getting back into some mileage next week. Maybe it's a sixth sense that's kept me running uninjured for nearly 20 years but sometimes you have to listen to your body and take-a-break.

More tomorrow...

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