Thursday, 30 May 2013

Domino - Genesis

Do you know what you've begun? - Banks, Collins & Rutherford.

It's been another day of training calls today and writing 12 week plans for clients. What really made my day was talking to three absolute beginners about their hopes and dreams of running everything from a local half-marathon to the Marathon des Sables.

The bit I really like is the innocence about what they are going to undertake and therefore how I'm able to ease their concerns and start them on their journey to fitness and challenges beyond their wildest aspirations.

It's really rewarding and I'll of course give them SUPPORT all of the way to the finishing line where and whenever they might need it.

It got me thinking back to when I took that first step in 1994 as a very unfit, very unhappy person. 20 years later, I've done amazing things, met incredible people and surpassed my limitations by a country mile, something I never imagined I would ever do when I started.

Maybe it's time for you too?

More tomorrow...

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