Monday, 13 May 2013

Destiny - Zero 7

Shagga - Mark Lewis-Jones
'The Journey's Long' - Zero 7

It's long alright and I've been spreading the Coaching Gospel again today to more of my running congregation including TV&Film Actor - Mark Lewis-Jones. It's not everyday that you get someone who's been in 'The Game of Thrones' (as a character called Shagga) and who can run like the wind too...

He was awesome today in one of my MdS/Ultra-running clinics and showed great speed, strength and determination.... Something you can't act either and you've either got it or you haven't; luckily Mark's got it in spadefuls and MdS&ULTRAs will be a great next challenge for him after his recent marathon successes.

It made me think about my own marathon/ultra journey and how much I've been challenged by some of the mega-distance races I've run... positive stuff indeed and I'll be telling the press all about it at 'The Race to the Stones' media day on Wednesday.

It's all happening!

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