Thursday, 16 May 2013

Here is the News - ELO

'The weather's fine' - Jeff Lynne

Errm, it wasn't sadly for 'The Race to the Stones' media day that I attended in Avebury yesterday (boy we got wet). It was however a really well put together day by 'Threshold Sports' and all sorts of press came to meet Threshold's Co-Founder, James Cracknell OBE, run some of the route and interview yours truly too.

Funny thing was that all of the reporters who ran were extremely good runners and the constant uphill of the course combined with a brisk 8 minute mile pace, made the interviews 'on the run' quite a huff and a puff, well for me anyway as my answers were a lot longer than the questions. It's hard to keep that macho-image of ULTRA-runner/Performance Coach in place, when you are blowing on the hills of the Ridgeway, I can tell you!

The race will be brilliant if the organisation is as good as the media day and it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it immensely. I'll keep you posted when the features are in print...

More later...

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