Friday, 24 May 2013

Magnum Force - Dirty Harry

'A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations' - Dirty Harry [Clint Eastwood] 1973

I always think of Dirty Harry when I'm training people in the gym, especially when they out perform their preconception of their own limitations. So really the quote should be 'A Man's Gotta Surpass His Limitations'.

This happened with James Saville in one of my running clinics today and in a matter of minutes his world went from being black and white into Full 1080HD Colour as he went thru the pain barrier and clocked an amazing 3030 metres during his 12 minute V02 test. 

I love these sessions and it was great to see him go from plodder to athlete in a matter of moments and now has a firm sub 3.30 marathon goal as his next target.

He'll do it too... and I'll keep you posted.

More tomorrow.

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