Thursday, 2 May 2013

Steam Live - Peter Gabriel

'Real as any place you've been, get a life with the dreamer's dream' - Peter Gabriel

Well the day of rest didn't last and I felt really good last night and chalked up my second Power Hour of the week, this time lifting the speeds by 0.1kph. Not a quantum leap in the big scheme of things but psychologically it provided a big confidence boost to how my recent training is boosting my running performance.

The best part of the hour was getting into a really good rhythm after 40 minutes and I actually got a little lost in the run and I found myself 5 minutes further on in the session. Now that's a first as like EVERYONE who does this session, I'm a proper clock-watcher. Getting to the end of this hour, felt absolutely brilliant.

And that's why we run isn't it? Running doesn't have to be matter what session you are do.

More tomorrow and thanks to Peter Gabriel and STEAM for providing the music for tonight's run...(shook the Master's hand in 1978 at The Hammersmith Apollo)...

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