Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Knowing when to walk away - Jay Clifford

Lyric:- Your silence is murder - Clifford

Song Choice:- This artist is new to me and there are softer parts to the lyrics but the song is just brilliant and I'm looking forward to hearing more from Mr Clifford's repertoire anon.

There's no real cheesy link into the blog today except that I've just enjoyed walking away from my running for just over a week to get a break from the non-stop Run-Rory-Run of the past few weeks.

It's done me the world of good too as today's MdS Training Day with the lovely Per Hedberg was both easy on the legs and on the ears. The 26 miles just zipped by and any post Druids fatigue didn't rear it's ugly head at all.

Good job too as I'm doing another 26.2 tomorrow...as Clifford goes onto sing...'Advertise the bruises and the lows, cause you know it never shows'...is more my style.

The stiff Coleman Upper Lip has a lot to answer for!

More after tomorrow's outing as my deafening week-long silence has been broken...

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