Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crazy - Seal

Lyric:- 'In a world full of people only some want to fly'.

Song Choice:- One of the 90's best singles in my opinion and the springboard to a patchy career for old Seal that's sadly seen too longer gaps between the hits.

Gaps are what interested me with one client this week and it's something I'll be speaking about at the Druid Challenge on Saturday night. In his case, there just wasn't any in his training plan...

Every week, at least a marathon if not two and an ultra every other! All the way to Christmas and he was planning the same after leading up to the race. Talk about CRAZY...

It gets better or worse...Just before MdS a quick jaunt in the Trans Gran Canaria as a tester.

I was exhausted just listening and stopped there and then with any thoughts of coaching.

Now I know only some people want to fly and I try not to pop people's balloons BUT how about a long term plan? Plot in the Big Challenges, Sub-Challenges and Mini-Ones. Run fast and long, train well and give yourself TIME to get it right and maybe you'll enjoy it a whole lot better...

Take it from me, you have to do your apprenticeship in this ULTRA-running lark to get the full benefit of going LONG.

Please go easy out there folks!

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