Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Vertigo - U2

U2 as I saw them in 1981
Lyric:- 'The jungle is your head can’t rule your heart'- Hewson, Evans, Mullen Jr, Solomon & Clayton

Song Choice:- I saw the Oirish Rockers back in 1981 and fell in love with Edge's brilliant guitar playing from the moment I heard the first few chords of 'Wire' off the Unforgettable Fire Album. Vertigo still ticks the boxes and I might have a U2 week of songs as I head towards the Druid Challenge at the weekend.

My word this week is blasting away and I feel in need of some time out from Coaching and more time actually Running for myself. Good job I've got 84 miles of the Druid to provide a three-day running pilgrimage eh? I'm sure it will do me a world of good and get my Serotonin agitated and pump me full of Blue Skies and White Fluffy Bunnies running over lovely Green Fields.

Can't beat those natural highs!

Now where do I start with my U2-athon, Rattle and Hum or Achtung Baby? Nope...it's Under a Blood Red Sky First and only £3.99 on iTunes!!!

More tomorrow...

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