Friday, 7 November 2014

Ain't that nothing - Television

Lyric:- Travel fulfils you but the distance it kills you - Verlaine

Song Choice:- I bought this back in 1978 in my American Arthouse Days when I was just sixteen. It's a great track and well worth a listen.

It played on my iPod today during the first stage of the Druid Challenge. The 29.75 miles proved quite a killer if I'm being honest and although I ran hard all the way I couldn't match last year's 4.59 by a good 25 minutes.

Then again it was bloody hard work out in the cold rain and mud of the days race.

My spectacular fall just yards from the start nearly put pay to the day but a bit of claret never hurt did it.

Hats off to Neil and his team for another great race and let's hope tomorrow is sunnier.

More then after a well earned massage :-)

Now ain't that nothing...

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