Sunday, 27 November 2016

Change - Lisa Stansfield

Lyric:- 'If I could change the way I live my life today, I wouldn't change a single thing' - Stansfield, Devaney & Morris

Song Choice:- Well it's only taken me 25 years to appreciate and finally buy one of the Rochdale Songstresses finest tracks. She popped up during a recording of the Freddie Mercury Concert from 1992, duetting with George Michael, and very good she was too... makes me wonder why I didn't back then but perhaps I was distracted by much harder rock anthems...

The thing is, whatever happened to Ms Stansfield? She just seemed to have dropped off the radar... But then again, lots of other actors, singers and TV celebs from that era have too. Ashley Judd, Rick Astley, Selina Scott and the bird out of Dollar spring to mind (and yes I do know it's Teresa Baltzar) simply vanished... Lesser know actors seem to re-emerge on Midsomer Murders, Casualty or Holby City from what I've seen, and you know in the relative shows, they are either the killer or will be killed off!

Anyway, maybe fame doesn't provide everything needed for a fulfilling life of adventure and folk duck out of the limelight to enjoy a simpler existence because it's... simpler. I mean, what do you value in your life? Not sure? Well, you might find out one day and if you do, you'll find out it hasn't got a value, as it's priceless. 

When you do find that Holy Grail... I'd love to know. All that I know is, 'if I could change the way I live my life today, I wouldn't change a single thing' and I know exactly where Ms Stansfield was coming from.

Would you?

More tomorrow...

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