Saturday, 5 November 2016

One Vision - Queen

'But a cold wind blows, and a dark rain falls and in my heart it shows. Look what they've done to my dream, yeah.' - Taylor

Written by Taylor but attributed to the band possibly around the time of Freddie's HIV realisation and Post Live-Aid Apocalypse. This is Queen at their digital best in my opinion and marks a point in their creativity where they knew they'd reached the highest point of their careers perhaps. It couldn't sound anymore Queen if they tried...

It got me thinking about what my greatest hit or achievement might be or what my signature dish might be. Combine this with a call from a client that sees running in exactly the same was as I do (a real rarity I've found) and is on the same road of discovery as I was some twenty years ago and you'll understand how my mind went into meltdown overdrive.

It's hard to explain but here goes, maybe it's a bit like one of those 'Magic Eye' pictures where some folk can see dinosaurs flying over the New York City skyline and other folk just see a load of dots. Maybe because running like art Is so subjective...Some see an Andy Warhol as a social comment on a post-war era of super-creativity and Pink Floyd as a modern-day classical music. Others just see brightly coloured canvas and audio-depression.

The thing is, all of this, including running, is mind-expanding and has the opportunity to take you to a completely new level of comprehension. I believe that the technicalities of creativity, masks its ability to transform and take the individual on an amazing personal journey of discovery. Maybe that's why Ironman has never appealed as it's too much about the three disciplines and kit and not the about whole experience and it's mind expanding capabilities.

Anyway, listen to Queen or Pink Floyd , look at some modern art or go for a very long run and see if you can see my 'Magic Eye' picture, it's so obvious to me and it's staring you right in the eye.

More from my world tomorrow :-)

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