Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Feeling the Moment - Feeder

Lyric - 'Broken by the strain' - Nicholas

Song Choice - Whatever happened to Feeder? Apparently I see they released their ninth studio album recently but in my music library this is their sole stand-out entry and well worth a listen if you've forgotten them.

Anyway, in a blog with 'Feeling' in the title, it seems only right to write about how I feel today. And actually I feel ok. A bit creaky this morning admitted but after a 60mg shot of Prednisilone, I knocked a good four minutes off my 5km (post SIDP) and clocked up a 34 minute 48 seconds PB. How any Sportsperson can say they are using it for its healing powers for Asthma and not for its performance enhancing properties is beyond me, as it certainly does give you wings. Then again I'm sure I won't be needing a TUE for parkrun :-)

You see you do feel fixed, but on the alternate days off, you feel f@cked, and there's the rub, as this stuff isn't all Krypton. Not taking it is like taking Krytonite. Once you are on it, apart from it being fatal to come off immediately, it takes your body about a year to wean yourself off the bloody stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really only too grateful as I'm no doubt only back on my feet now by taking such big doses. But I've now got the hard job of going cold turkey and there is no recommendation you can get from anyone for doing just that, I can assure you.

Getting a Doctor or Group of Doctors to agree on a clear directive for Prednisilone reduction is like asking an Ultra-Athlete what shoes to wear at the MdS. You see there is just no one answer and no one you can really trust as all of it is guess work. No one has the experience of going through what I've been through.

So wtf do you do? - Well it's all down to feeling and I didn't need a book to show me how to run, I ran how I felt and that's what I'm going to do now. I'm going to go Drug-Free and feel my way through it with the help of my four/five Doctors' advice knowing that only I've been there and they haven't.

You see I reckon I'm one up on them right now.

Are you feeling the moment slip away?

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