Wednesday, 2 November 2016

D'You know what I mean - Oasis

Lyric:- 'The questions are the answers you might need' - Gallagher

Song Choice:- You know when you are looking for divine inspiration and you don't quite get the answer you are looking for, well that happened, when I was searching for a good song to accompany today's blog. Well, after some channel hopping, somehow I got onto choosing an Oasis track, one of the only two of theirs that I own.

So as you can gather I'm not the biggest fan of the Gallagher Brothers, but this track has everything you'll ever need in a 7:44 mins song... Even better when I researched the lyrics, the brilliance of the above lyric immediately hit me and I got on to thinking about the subject of 'Questions' and 'Answers'. 

You see we spend SO much time looking for life's 'Answers', we forget to ask the right 'Questions' in the first place I found.

Sound familiar? And before I get too obtuse...

How many times have you wished you'd asked a burning 'Question' when the opportunity arose only to keep schtum and regret it later? In my job, a lot of the time, I know the 'Answers' I'm going to get before I even ask the 'Questions'. As I get older, I'm getting more intuitive perhaps, anyway I like to ask the awkward 'Questions' too... You know the 'Elephant in the Room' ones that folk dance around in our modern PC Hi-viz World.

The thing is, you know where you stand if you ask the right 'Question' and even if the 'Answer' isn't what you might want to hear; well at least you know. There's nothing worse than being ignorant about something.

My biggest 'Question' this year was, 'Will I ever walk again?' A natural 'Question' that anyone would ask in my situation. However, it hasn't an  'Answer' as no-one would ever give any glimmer of hope to someone who's paralysed with GBS just in case recovery never happens.
So why did I ask? And there were much better 'Questions' that I've thought of since that gave me the 'Answers' I could work with that gave me a much better a base to work from. 

Knowing the right 'Questions' to ask gives you all the 'Answers' you'll ever need. Ask the Gallagher's - D'You know what I mean...
And if you do ask, make sure you ask someone who really knows what they are talking about...

More tomorrow.

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