Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Classical Gas - Mason Williams

Song Choice:- Well on a day when Americans decided on a new leader, I've decided not to pass comment like most seem to have on social media, I mean it doesn't matter what I think in the grand scheme. Whether it turns out to be a 'Classic' mistake well only time will tell, it might just be what America needs, who knows... So instead I've chosen to write about things that have become 'Classic' in my lifetime.

I mean, just what is it that makes something 'Classic?' Is it a 'Classic' mistake like taking far too much kit to the MdS when someone who has been there 13 times repeatably advises you not to (Why don't folk just listen to experience) or is it a Sporting Event like 'The Derby', or 'Wimbledon?' Maybe it's a song like the above 'Classical Gas' or a 'Classic Rock Band' like Pink Floyd.

Make your own mind up but I reckon it takes about 20 years for something to gain 'Classic Status'.

In my world, the London Marathon, the MdS and the GUCR145 have all earned their stripes as maybe I have myself having clocked up 22 years in the marathon running game only earlier this week. Sure there are lots of other races out there but as yet, they still haven't been around long enough to get the 'Five Star Rating' that only a 'Classic' race can get.

Maybe I'd settle for a 'Classic' Car but then again a 1978 Austin Maxi makes that mark and so it gets me thinking more about 'Classic' as a quality as well as a passage of time.

Are you becoming a modern-day 'Classic?' or a 'Classic Mistake?'

Rory Coleman 
978 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records 
8344 Days' Alcohol Free.

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