Monday, 28 November 2016

Confident - Demi Lovato

Spot the Link?
Lyrics:- 'Cause this is my game and you better come to play' - Lovato, Salamanzadeh, Kotecha & Sandberg

Song Choice:- I'll admit that I'm totally new to the music of Miss Lovato and only found out about her by 'Shazaming' this track whilst watching the advert on TV. My that Shazam app is truly awesome... and it's introduced me to so much new music. 

Have a listen here and see if you would have 'Shazamed' it too...

Anyway, I suppose today's blog is about 'Confidence' but 'suppose' isn't a very confident  kinda word in my book? But then, what is 'Confidence'? I feel confident and think I always have been. Going to a 'Sink or Swim' Grammar School does that to you... I give straight answers from straight questions and although it can make one look arrogant (although I just looked in my thesaurus for synonyms of arrogant and got autocratic, conceited and egotistic, which aren't so nice) it does mean that you have opinion and folk know where you stand.

And yet 'Confidence' it's the single biggest missing part of most folks 'Personality Jigsaw' I've found. 'Self-Worth' destroyed by other folks projection can be so cruel, unavoidable yet fixable with time. Self-imposed 'Self-Deprication' though drives me a bit potty and can be immediately fixed when challenged, and that goes across ALL abilities and both sexes.

Folk tell me they find it really scary speaking in public and yes it is, well the first few times, then it gets a whole lot easier the more you do... I know from my own experience, and maybe that's the key. I believe a lot of life and it's highlights are down  to 'Experience' and 'Preparation'. I'm sure you are aware of the 'Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail' adage but it's SO TRUE.

Maybe 'Confidence' comes from 'Knowledge' as once you know what's in store for you, in any situation, things get a whole lot easier. Running Ultras and Marathon's isn't rocket science (and not all that life-threatening if I'm being honest), it's a process which you can use across other aspects of your life too. 

What's helps in all cases is making sure you do your level best is all you can do. Making sure you enjoy the ride. And making sure you don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to be 'Confident'...

More tomorrow...

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