Friday, 18 November 2016

Reconnect - Knife Party

Lyric:- 'Through every shipwreck comes the chance to begin again. To rebuild anew atop the mistakes of the past'. - Swire

Song Choice:- And what a 'Friday Belter' this track is too... Have a listen here to the Australian electronic dance music combo consisting of two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Harder hitting than Pendulum IMO and especially useful if you are in the middle of one of my legendary 'Power Hours'.

Anyway, if you are feeling shipwrecked today, one thing's for sure and that is one day, you'll sail again. Yep, you might be run aground for a while, but you'll float, set your course and sail off into the sunset.

It all sounds very romantic, but in reality it will happen for it's happening for me right now. The only thing is, is just doesn't happen at our speed.

You have to go with the flow and I jogged a very slow three miles, my first run since Druid Challenge last Saturday. You see, it certainly wasn't the best training run I've ever had. Yet it's not surprising as I can't remember a dark November evening, running on leaf-slushy pavements around Cardiff being that brilliant anyway but it doesn't matter.

I was out there doing my thing, investing for my future. A day where I'm running in the hot, golden sands of the Western Sahara. To get myself further into the mood and with that in mind, I called in at our local 'Savers' store (Chavy but Cheap) for some new red nail-varnish to help get me back into an 'MdS Running Frame of Mind'. The male assistant , who served me, did look at me a bit strange but hey who cares...I sure don't as my feet look fab once again.

And I'm starting to feel like I'm floating again...Just.

More tomorrow...

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