Monday, 10 December 2012

Back in Black - ACDC

Well I hope you like the new blog and the new colour. It's part of my Performance Coaching make over for 2013 and I will be concentrating more on what training I am up to in the lead up to my 10th Marathon des Sables and how my clients are getting on with their training and how I'm helping them reach their fitness goals.

It's really interesting for me right now as I'm starting out from fresh on my own fitness regime following the bout of pneumonia that knocked me for six and right now I am just into my first couple of days of running. My first 30 minutes on Saturday was quite a marathon in it's own right and yesterdays 6.34 miles was luckily a lot easier.

What I am working hard on now is my conditioning. Weights, weights more weights and then a 60 second cardio wipeout. Talk about being destroyed! Flat out on the gym floor was a great place to take some rest I can tell you BUT it was a somewhat easier today although I might need help tomorrow morning getting my arm up high enough to get my toothbrush up to my teeth as my shoulders are rubber right now.

My 'Eat-no-Bread Challenge' is still going strong and the waistline is looking a whole lot better and I am off for another 6 miler in a moment.

Weight - 81.8kgs.

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