Monday, 17 December 2012

Marathon - Rush

Well it's great to be back in the saddle as it were and bashing in the miles on an MdS Training day with 2013 runner...James Saville. We actually had a great day out and the miles just seemed to slip by very easily I must say until around the 23 mile mark where I felt the lack of more recent training miles.

I'm not surprised either as although it was a 52 mile week for me, it's obvious that my bout of Pneumonia has left me lagging behind where I wanted to be right now if I'm honest. The good thing to remember here is, and it's what I tell ALL my clients, that I have to concentrate on where I am going not on where I haven't been. It's far too easy to think you haven't done enough and it's a very easy ticket to under-performing.

My goal this week is to gently increase my exercise and keep the momentum up from last weeks positive start to my new regime... and yes it;s six of the best tonight for me!

More tomorrow...

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