Sunday, 30 December 2012

Used to be - Rory Gallagher

I ran HARD today...VERY HARD or so it felt...actually it equated to 8.52 minute miles but it was as hard as I could smash the 8.4 miles out. Not quite what I would have liked and during my FAST marathon years I would have been 7.48 all the way for the whole 26.2 mile as an average but being realistic to being 16 years older and some 740 marathons worse for wear, it's not surprising that the legs have lost a little sap.

I'm trying though... the 3.52.30 I would have done on today's timings just isn't good enough. I'm better than this AND i'll prove it.

It's far to easy to blame the pneumonia and the green gunge I'm still coughing up on the run but I'd like the legs to turn over a LOT easier... maybe I'll get 'em going better tomorrow.

More then... today's effort is here...

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