Monday, 31 December 2012

Steam - Peter Gabriel

Here's a session that I get my clients to do once a week in their 12 week programmes. It's the magical POWER HOUR, you know the one four mins slow and one minute fast on a treadmill. ONLY, today I did this in the gym at The Cardiff International Pool. The only place in Wales that is well over 40 degrees today! What a sweatbox...

My knees starting to knock by 50 minutes and the last 10 just went on forever...but that's what I expecting to happen but with the air-conditioning sadly broken, it was excellent MdS training for me and my MdS Tent Buddy of two years, Chris Whistler. To say we were bu66ered at the end of the hour was an understatement.

Following the run, we went into the pool with very red faces and it took ages to cool down from Gas Mark V to something near normal.

I did feel very good for the intervals so it's more of the same next time :-) Todays intevals are here...

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