Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Life in Technicolour - Coldplay

Well, if you were like me you were out there this morning running a few miles to make space for an average gut busting 6000+ calories of Christmas Dinner. Mine was just ace from our Christmas Lodgings, Near Llysfaen which lies between Caerdydd and Caerffili. It was meant to be just a simple six mile trip out on a very wet Christmas Morning.

It turned out to be a very hilly one too as I took on the massive hill from Ty Mawr to the top of the ridge that separates the two valleys. If you ran my Birthday Marathon with me last February, it's the one we walked up that day... It was only pride that got me to the top of it this morning, still running, not puking and with at least some lung function. My word, I have to work on my hills.

The path across the ridge, buried in mud and raging water torrents added to the fun of a great start to this part of my race preparations for 2013. And this is where I'm going to focus a lot of my strength work for next season and I'll be back out there tomorrow making a fool out of myself once again, only this time a few pounds heavier in more rain no doubt.

More then and have a Great Christmas Evening...

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