Friday, 14 December 2012

Take it Easy - The Eagles

Not quite like this in Cardiff Today...
Sometimes all we do is keep hammering in the same old runs, around the same old routes doing the same old times. No wonder this running lark all gets a bit samey... And as well as upping my mileage and lowering my waistline, I'm also taking my rest, very, very seriously.

Todays' a day off because tomorrow I have one of my MdS Training days planned and a first 26.2 miler to complete since that dreadful pneumonic day in Luton. Don't worry as I don't need to be told to take it easy, as I will be. I must say though that I am looking forward to getting back into doing a serious distance run.

Let's hope that my day of rest helps me to enjoy the run and delivering the MdS message to my 2013 MdS hopeful.

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