Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dirty Vegas - Days go by

'Feeling as if I've been cursed, bitter cold within' - Horn

It was more like Dirty Cardiff, not Dirty Vegas yesterday as the weather took a real turn for the worse and the normal Cardiff weather of howling rain plunged to a new all-time wetness low. It didn't bother my MdS trainee for the day, Paul Gurney, too much as he's more used to the 30 odd degree heat of Johannesburg and revelled in the dampness of the day during our 26.2 miles together. He just loved the rain!

Then again he's used to weather extremes as this guys not only walked to the North Pole but has also climbed most of the world's major peaks. He was most interesting and got me thinking. Anyway, let's hope he enjoys the rigour of the MdS eh? He'll be able to look after himself anyway and as you know that's half of the battle of when you are out there in the sand.

I'm going to continue battling the weather this week and countdown to 2 x 33 milers of the weekends Pilgrim's Challenge. It was quite a challenge last year on the chalky trail so I'll be interested to see how I get on this year. I was pleased with my average HR of 107 and it fekt very easy after the #colemanpowerhour I can tell you.

More tomorrow folks...

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