Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Excuse Me - Peter Gabriel

'Grabbing those good years again' - Sir Peter of Gabriel

Now I'm not going to make excuses as I did do my hard 10 mile run today BUT I didn't do it BEFORE 10 am like I said I would yesterday, as you guessed it, it was lashing down in God's Country and as you know I don't DO rain unless I have to run with clients or in a race.

Anyway, I did run my socks off and gave it a really good go for all of the 10 miles including Leckwith Hill and the steep climb out of Dinas Powys and knocke in 85 mins which I was pleased with.

I'm forever encouraging my clients to run FAST and not just to bash in lots and lots of 9+ minute empty miles, so today was a good opportunity to sample some of my own medicine and increase the intensity of my training.

We'll see what difference it makes as it's only now, some 30 days post Pneumonia, that I'm feeling anything like I'm back on good running form.

More tomorrow... 

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