Friday, 31 January 2014

Tiger Feet - Mud

I've got a feeling in my knees - Chinn & Chapman
Mud's the name of the game this weekend as we take on the double 33 mile Pilgrim Challenge, the brainchild of my good friend Neil Thubron.

If last years is anything to go by and following the recent terrible British weather, I'll be leaving what's left of my trainers at the finish line as the grey mud of the north downs doesn't wash too well out of anything.

The event is a good chance for MdS peeps to meet and back to back some decent mileage and to glean nuggets from previous desert campaigns from folk like ourselves.

It will also provide a chance to blow some of the myths about the race which appear on our MdS Facebook group that regularly has me in stitches. It's amazing just how much heavy irrelevant stuff people think, or have been told they need for six days of desert.

Our MdS Weekend in March cuts all the bs and the sand and mountain running will focus the mind more on what not to take!

Anyway, we'll be there bright and early and hopefully not getting lost...

More tomorrow, post Mud!

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