Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Passion - Rod Stewart

A lotta people ain't got, passion - Cregan

I've had a very busy month coaching a multitude of folk preparing for the impending 'Marathon des Sables'. EVERYONE single one is entrenched in the KIT and all of the training involved in getting to the finish line and getting the MdS Medal. At £3600 it's not a cheap date and one that no-one wants to return empty handed from.

Anyway, I had a wonderfully refreshing conversation with Steve Deiderich, Racing Sahara CEO yesterday morning, where we spoke about just how brilliant the whole race experience is and how much we both have enjoyed it over the past years.

It really fired me up and if you are going, enjoy it. Train hard and you'll enjoy it even more.

After speaking to Steve, I did a Tempo 10 and a Power-Hour today which I will tell you more about tomorrow.

More then... 

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