Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Great Curve - Talking Heads

'Sometimes the world has a load of questions, Seems like the world knows nothing at all. The world is near but it's out of reach, some people touch it...but they can't hold on' - Byrne, Frantz, Harrison & Weymouth

I feel like I'm getting nearer again to holding onto the world that 'The Heads' are singing about and the one where I want to be, although it takes time and it's taken a huge amount of effort over the past couple of weeks to get there. Last night's ten miler in the Cardiff rain though was most enjoyable and it felt amazingly easy even though my HRM said that I spent 90% at Tempo! So I'm getting there...

Just shows you that the HRM knows us best and it's one of the subjects featured in the latest Coleman Coaching Newsletter coming out this Friday.

Do you train with a HRM? Do you even know how to use it?

More tomorrow...


  1. I train with one sll the time rory. I know how it works but not to sure about HR zones

  2. I have a HR monitor and use it everytime. Not to sure about training zones though