Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Right Decision - Jesus Jones

'When they say ignorance is bliss, it makes it sound too good to miss. How about that? And the problem with success is you become what you detest. How about that? So who to believe and who do you trust? Well, it might as well be you. 'Cos it seem that no-one else has got a clue.' - Edwards

If like me you are competing at this years Marathon des Sables and you haven't started training in earnest yet - well it's about time you did as not only are the days and vaporising away but so are your chances of finishing the race with much of your feet left intact.

Yep, it's time to toughen up on those who enter races and then don't give the time and energy required to get a decent result worth speaking of. You know who you are!

The MdS is just a completion event for most and there are always those who get injured or ill during the race BUT it's those that 'Fail to Prepare' who Fail most and sickeningly with a proper training schedule could have easily made the finishing line.

I'm not exempt and have cracked in 2 x 20 Long Slow Distance runs in this weekend as a start to my big endurance week of Spring training. It's been FUN too and that's what it should be.

Is your training fun? Or are you just kidding yourself that it will be ok on the day?

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  1. Unfortunately I may well be guilty of trying to fool myself that it will be ok in the day (just started running again after 8weeks out through injury) London Marathon looms

  2. Unfortunately I may be kidding myself that it will be ok on the day. I've been 8weeks out injured and London Marathon looms.

  3. I have trained hard and stick to it so I am prepared and do not want to fail ! Loved the training but had took over my life a bit but tapering now!