Wednesday, 18 March 2015

2 become 1 - The Spice Girls

Spice Magic
Lyric:- Set your spirit free, it's the only way to be - Rowe & Stannard

Song Choice:- I loved everything SPICE and even saw them on their Reunion Tour in 2008 and they were awesome...yep you heard it, really awesome.

Anyway, I was reminded of the video today in which the girls are in real time and their surroundings are speeded up, it's here if you can't remember the one. Does your life feel like that right now? I completely get the feeling as I've experienced it myself many times over the years.

That slow-motion in fast-forward mode feeling tells me that I'm in need of a break...and eleven days in Morocco on the Costa de MdS will do nicely thank you very much. Not everyones place to unwind but a good time-out for Mr Coleman!

Ok, Cardiff was quite dandy in the spring sunshine today and the green buds of spring are just bursting into life but a few days in the 40-50 degree heat of the Sahara is sounding rather more appealing if I'm being honest and will warm my old bones quite nicely.

Where's your destination of choice and why? I'd love to know...

More tomorrow - of course I could go to Barrybados instead!

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