Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Laser Love - After the Fire

Lyric:- 'Now and then I think about my life, think about the way that it used to be'

Song Choice:- I'm not sure if anyone can remember hearing 'After the Fire' - I remember seeing them at University playing this one-hit-wonder of a track which you can see here from their Greenbelt performance on 1979. You can see them here still living the good old days some 30 years later along with the fans that are also reminiscing just how good it all used to be, way back then.

Yes it's so true that there are more yesterday's than tomorrow's for some of us but a lot of the time, I believe we just keep flogging that old dead horse to death. I call it 'The 1991 Moustache Factor', you know the little white one that is trimmed back to nothing that men in their mid-to-late fifties seem to have; 'The 2015 Beard Factor' of the future...what is it with men and facial hair? I was of course a convicted 'Moustache Criminal' at the time but luckily my 'Father Christmas Whiskers' are too ageing now to even consider.

Talking of ageing I did find the 'Brian May Incident' yesterday quite strange. Back in '76 he of the black curly permed hair produced the best guitar solo ever. But yesterday he transcended into political weirdness promoting a campaign to support free-minded MPs and candidates from all parties, calling it his ‘Common Decency’ campaign. Oh dear...I'd call it off Brian and your time is better spent helping people create music more 'Bohemian' and less 'Laser' in my opinion.

Then again, I suppose I live in the past those good old days. Maybe we all like to know what has happened and are frighetened of what might happen and when it all goes right for a while we like to think back and enjoy it...I do.

What year would you choose and why? Brian would be 1976 with me I bet! Life was a lot simpler when I was 14.

More from one less tomorrow, tomorrow.

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