Saturday, 21 March 2015

Apply - Glasser

Lyric:- Opens my eyes wide, there is something in my mind, keeps me up all night - Mesirow

Song Choice:- This song was used by my good friend Mark Gillett as a backdrop to this MdS Youtube Clip. It sums up the whole spirit of the race in my opinion and when that helicopter whizzes over at 39 seconds, the hair on the back of my neck never fails to stand on end. I still have to pinch myself though as I still find it hard to believe that I go to one of the most amazing places on earth and have done so eleven many times. I'm so lucky.

It's that old Devil 'Adventure' that raises it's ugly head in me you see and it's things like the recent Eclipse that gets my old sap going especially as it was so clearly visible in Cardiff. It makes you realise that we are living on a big rock circling the sun. The Brucie Bonus for all of us is the possibility of seeing a total eclipse in the USA on 21st August 2017. Something not to miss I'd say...

And it sounds like a real date to remember!

I wonder if you have dates to remember to or ones that you can look forward to? I've got loads for a multitude of reasons - 2nd April, 5th January, 6th November & 28th August are ones that immediately spring to mind...

Without dates - There's No Fun and No Future

More tomorrow...and let me know your dates and why.

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