Sunday, 8 March 2015

Domino - Genesis

Lyric:- 'Play the game of happiness and never let on' - Banks, Collins & Rutherford

Song Choice:- Probably the best 'Live' Genesis you can get. Well of the later stuff anyway and a great film on Youtube too if you want to see a great gig...

Anyway, if I ever get to finish my book you see where the above lyric fits into my way of thinking. You see I believe we spend ages searching for our own personal Holy Grails. A 'Product X' which is going to make all our dreams come true, that elusive Lottery Win which will bring us endless wealth to enable us to buy all the things that we've ever wanted, to do all things we've ever dreamt of doing...

Only it doesn't work like that, especially if you are 'Playing the Game of Happiness' that Collins sings about in the Domino song. Life's timeline is a Domino Principle Extraordinaire and everything we do has a direct effect on the next thing we do or to those around us. That makes finding the elusive 'Happiness' even harder to find.

I found my 'Happiness' on a self built Desert Island where all I had to do was to run and run until I couldn't run anymore. It really sorts out your shit, loads of you are trying to do that by running the Marathon des Sables or hundreds of other long distance races out there; so much so that my island is now over-crowded!

I'm wondering if it was better when less folk new about ULTRA-marathon Running back in the Good Olde Days...

Maybe the folk who are the Happiest are the ones who have never let there's a thought.

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