Monday, 16 March 2015

Awaken - Yes

Lyric:- Strong - Dreams - Reign - Here.

Song Choice:- Well I love a bit of Yes and from the awesome 'Going for the One' album this was most apt for today's blog.

You see it's easy to dream...and it's very easy to talk about it but doing it can be 'Simply Difficult' or even 'Difficulty Simple' as the Oxymoron in me might describe it.

What the?

Well it's so simple to fix others when looking in on difficult situations that people have backed themselves into isn't it? We all have close friends who tell you their woes and within a couple of sentences we've sorted out their lives.

Only, it's just not that easy is it if you are the one who needs fixing.

I meet folk every day in just this situation - one they might have been in for years not knowing quite how to unlock the happiness door.

And yet, for most it's plainly obvious what it is they have to do. I class it more as a 'Life Laundry' where all the dodgy bits we endure are slowly eradicated from our daily lives and are replaced by the things that really push our buttons.

An 'Inwardly External' look at our own existences always helps - if you are frightened to do this btw don't worry as you are not alone.

There are so many people on this fence, I'm surprised it's still standing. If that's you, and I bet it is, it's time to 'Toughen up Buttercup' and get the Daz Whitener out - if you need my help them I'm only a phone call away.

More tomorrow...

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