Wednesday, 4 March 2015

In the Cage - Genesis

Lyric:- Like I just rocked my baby to sleep. I got sunshine in my stomach. But I can't keep me from creeping sleep - Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett & Rutherford

Song Choice:- From The Lamb lies down on Broadway, the best Double Album ever, with the deepest note on any song ever to rattle my double glazing, this track is more than apt for how tired I feel today. Take a listen here.

Yes three week old, little Jack Anthony Coleman (it's official tomorrow) hasn't got sleep perfected yet and there's a certain feeling of zombieness going on in my head right now.

You know the feeling, the world is going at 90mph and you are trying to run alongside in your custard filled Wellington Boots. It won't last forever but right now I could sleep on a washing line.

Following a weekend of strenuous Dune and Mountain Running you will no doubt understand why I'm clocking out at 9pm tonight to get some more well earned shut-eye.

Some times you have to do that rather than soldier on,

Have you been in the same boat?

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