Sunday, 1 March 2015

Love like Blood - Killing Joke

Lyric:- The life is short, I'm running faster all the time,
Oh, we must dream of promised lands and fields.

Song Choice:- Coleman, Ferguson, Raven and Walker

It's been a great weekend of Marathon des Sables training down in the sand dunes of Merthyr Mawr and the mountain tracks of Pen Y Fan. It was tough stuff too as with only 34 days to race day for some it was their first venture into running with what one person said was like running with wellies full of custard.

Getting blown inside out at the 886m summit of Pen Y Fan was a sharp reminder to me what lies in store again for me this year. I wonder what my group thought about their trip to MdS altitude!

The 'Life is too Short' lyric from Killing Joke (1985 really?) is a bit of a running theme for me but rang true this weekend as more and more folk are finding it harder to get the TIME to do the necessary training to get to the finish line in one piece. Sure they'll buy all the kit and heat acclimatisation sessions BUT it's the MILES that count...

Life is all about investment - you get out what you put in.

Are you putting it in? Are you getting anything out? Now there's a couple of questions to ponder.

More tomorrow...

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