Monday, 2 March 2015

Slave to the Rhythm - Grace Jones

Kicker Rory Gonzalez
Lyrics:- Work to the rhythm, Live to the rhythm, Love to the rhythm, Slave to the rhythm - Woolly, Darlow, Lipson & Horn

Song Choice:- Yesterday's A View to a Kill starring the rather strange Ms Jones, reignited my appreciation for this amazing 1985 song. Just how many great songs did Trevor Horn write that year. (No answers on a post card required, as it was lots!)

Anyway, amongst a crowd of MdS Runners this weekend, we were lucky to be joined by one of my Super-Kickers Rory Gonzalez from Dusseldorf, Germany.

When I say Super-Kicker, I mean a real Super-Kicker as only a few know how old she really is and about her personal journey. I've coached her for over three years now and during this time she's kicked out a 3.32 marathon...Now this is where the rhythm part comes in as we spent a couple of hours chatting during our transfers from sand-camp-mountains.

We spent most of that time discussing the 'Rhythm of Life', as you can't spend every day running up sand dunes, climbing mountains or running 3.32 marathons. What you do have to do is get all the different aspects of your life playing the same tune, in time. And that's the part that's so difficult to get right.

As Eric Morecambe once put it...'I'm playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order'. Well it's a bit like that, all the parts of your life are functioning correctly but your planets just aren't aligned and very easily everything gets out of tune.

All that's needed of course is that swift kick up the proverbial and a quick shock from a De-Fib to make it all get back in sync. And that's the tricky part...

It's one where we have to be honest, with ourselves and question if we are setting a rhythm we can maintain and can live to it or we are just as Grace Jones so nicely puts it, 'Slave to the Rhythm'.

Which are you? Kicker or Slave? Rory - She's a Kicker of Course!

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